Holly's Blog - The pigs come for breakfast!

One of the few downsides to farming is that there are few  lie ins and if you do roll over and ignore the alarm clock you usually pay for it later in the day . This reality was brought home to me this morning. It was a Saturday and therefore no school run to do, so I lingered in bed a little longer than usual  and then  instead of going straight out to feed the pigs after the calves I thought I would pop in for a quick coffee. The quick coffee turned into two coffees and I was just considering a piece of toast when one of the children jumped up and exclaimed ‘Mummy, the pigs are out!’ I looked out to see that, not only were they out, but they were standing by the kitchen door!

Obviously, tired of having to wait for their breakfast, they simply lifted the entire gate off its hinges and ambled over to hurry me up.     

After all the hilarity that this caused our children we finally got the pigs back in and securely bolted both top and bottom hinges. 

pigs at the door.jpg